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Aster Club

The Aster Club is a private membership club for multi-generation members of business families. Innovators, entrepreneurs, industry trailblazers, and social impact advocates comprise its community. They meet regularly to share insights and expertise, explore strategic collaboration and learn from each other’s experience.

Aster Impact is a not-for-profit organization with a vision to build a better future through social enterprises. It incubates promising social enterprise concepts turning it into a reality by coming up with a good business model, finding a strong management team and linking them with seed investors. It accelerates social enterprises so that they grow healthy and strong replicating their business model in different geographical areas or markets.


Aster Family Advisors is a dedicated business family advisor focused on family business succession, entrepreneur development, and strategy. It supports business families to grow their business and preserve their legacy. It also prepares successors for future leadership roles in the family business.